Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Bryce

Happy Birthday to my sweet husband today! He is 23 years old!! This morning, I woke up and surprised him with this cake and made him breakfast.

Then we went to Ramstein to pick up a night stand and drop Bryce off at PT (workout). Once he was done, we went home and ate lunch and then it was time for Bryce to go to work.

My neighbor made his cake. I thought she did a great job! My original plan was to just order a sheet cake from the commissary but just for a plain cake with "Happy Birthday" on it, it was going to cost $41. Ridiculous!! Then I remembered that my neighbor makes cakes. I gave her a call and she made this for me. She wasn't even going to make me pay her! Of course I gave her some money anyways. She is so sweet!!

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