Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ava is 14 months old!

Ava Drew turned 14 months old on the 11th.

Ava, you weigh 17 pounds 9 ounces and 29 inches long! You are a growing girl! You wear a size 3 diaper and wear 9-12 months clothes. Size 2 shoe.

You sleep from 8pm-8:30am. You take 1 nap a day that ranges from 1.5-3 hours long. You eat 3 meals a day and several snacks throughout the day. You eat constantly! You nurse 2-3 times a day.

You are a full time walker!!! It makes this momma a little sad. I loved it when you crawled. Its cute to see you walking everywhere though. You love to be involved in everything that we are doing. If we are at the store, you like to help push the cart instead of riding in it. Now that you can walk, you don't like to be carried.

You are getting so smart and repeating everything that we say! Your new words are "Babe" (that's what me and Bryce call each other so she repeats us when we say it), "bath"(baf), "Bryce", "baby" (baybuh).

You are a HAM! Seriously one of the funniest babies I have ever seen! You love to dance and give kisses and say "HI" in a ridiculously cute, hick accent.

You LOVE your daddy and your favorite time of the day is when y'all wrestle on the bed.

You love playing with your babies. You love to give them hugs and kisses and rock them and saying "shh". Such a sweet little momma you are! :)

Ava you are soon becoming a little girl and less of a little baby! You are the sweetest little girl and I love you to death!!


Andrea @ Life in Dawleywood said...

I can't believe she is 14 months! THey grow so fast. It was sooo much fun when Gracie started talking a lot, it only gets better =)

Emily Walsh said...


I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could email me?

I look forward to hearing from you,