Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Brugge, Belgium Christmas Market

Warning: Picture overload!

A few weeks ago, my family and a couple of our friends took a trip to Brugge, Belgium! We left on Sunday morning and it took us about 3 1/2 hours to get there. We checked into our hotel and then went to Ice Magic.

Ice Magic is a building full of ice sculptures. It was insane!

I think I almost froze to death. That was probably the coldest I have ever been! It was so beautiful though.

We walked to the Christmas market after Ice Magic but first, we had to stop and get some famous fries with some special sauce (mayo, ketchup and onions). YUM!

Bryce and I went ice skating and my good friend watched Ava for us for the majority of the time but Bryce decided to take her out on the ice slush for a second. It was far from slick so we knew it would be safe.

This little church apparently has a jar of Jesus's blood and they put it on display occasionally... apparently.

Oh the infamous Belgium waffle. My mouth is watering just looking at this picture. 

We got back to the hotel around 9pm and I attempted to put Ava to sleep in a pack and play...she was NOT having it. After 30 minutes of her crying, I just put her in bed with me and she actually laid down and fell asleep by me. First. Time. EVER! If you know her, you know she is NOT a snuggler and does not like to be cuddled. I guess that night in the hotel was an exception. Even though I didn't get much sleep at all, it was nice to snuggle with my little girl all night. 

The next day, we went to Brussels to hit up their Christmas market. Since this post has gotten extremely too long, I will save it for another post. 

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texas girl said...

Hahah I literally laughed out loud about the Jesus blood thing!!