Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

This Christmas was SO much fun with Ava and I know it is just going to get better. We didn't do a lot for her since she is still little but she still enjoyed every bit of it. Stocking are so fun and they might be my favorite part of opening presents! Stockings are from here and they are on sale!! 

Ava opening her baby doll which is now her favorite toy ever! 

 Loving on her baby! 

Bryce loves his new kindle fire! He also got an espresso maker (which now makes 8 coffee machines in our kitchen). He LOVES his coffee! I got an ipod touch (now I don't have to use Bryce's), some face treatments, and a new pair of TOMS! :) 

I can't believe I am actually posting this picture on here. I am a hot mess but I want to look back at my blog several years from now and remember this day! 

All of Ava's new goodies! 

 Our Christmas tree this year...Notice the bottom of the tree is a little bare..I had to move all the ornaments up so a certain someone wouldn't get them! :)

After we opened presents, we cleaned up and I started cooking. We had steaks for dinner with potato salad and green beans and banana pudding for dessert! We invited one of Bryce's friends over for dinner (who is single and doesn't have family here) and afterwards, we played a few games of Farkle! Later that night, we skyped both of our families. Hopefully this will be our LAST year away from family for Christmas! This is Bryce's fourth year in a row away and my third. Can't wait to be back with family for the holidays! 

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