Saturday, October 30, 2010


Ok so if you know me well, you know I have never been trick-or-treating and Im not big into halloween AT ALL!! I was taught that it was the devils holiday. My family always went to the Fall Festivals at our church. We turned off our lights at night and went to the back of the house so the trick-or-treaters thought we werent home.

With that said, I have become alot more open-minded to it because of my husband but Im still a little un-sure of it. Bryce and I decided to hand out candy to the kids today so I took a trip to the commisary to get some candy. They didnt have any so I went to the BX. Someone PLEASE remind me to NEVER go to either the commisary OR the BX the day before Halloween!!! It was aweful!!! There were a million people there and there wasnt even alot of candy left! I only had two options with candy. Reese's and Milky Way. So, I got a package of both.

As I came home, there were a MILLION kids in the streets getting candy (about an hour ago) and so I excidedly came in to the house, poured the candy in a dish and turned the lights on....and as of right now, the door bell has YET to ring!!

All that worry for nothing....

When I say worry, I mean WORRY!! How much candy do I give out? What do I say after I give them candy? What if they ask for more? What if I run out? All of these things have been running through my mind!! I know I may be over reacting here but, seriously!!

On a different note, I dont and will never understand why people dress in scary costumes. I was FRIGHTENED of them when I was little and still to this day am TERRIFIED when I see someone in a scary costume! Is it amusing to scare people?! Do they enjoy it? I dont get how people can be so cruel!! When I am laying in my bed in a dark room, all I can picture is those scary people watching me in the corner of my room! Yes, I am 21 years old and sometimes feel like a 10 year old.

On a HAPPY note, Bryce and I attended a Gary Chapman conference today!!! He is the author of "The 5 Love Languages". It was AWESOME!!!! I learned so much and I think Bryce did too!! We both definitely needed some wise councel and we definitely got it!! I cant wait to see what the future holds for us!

Hope everyone has a Happy (not scary) Halloween!!!

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