Thursday, December 15, 2011

2 month check up and cookie party

Ava Drew had her 2 month well check up yesterday. Everything looks great! Poor little girl had to get 5 shots. She was not happy at all about that. Here are her stats...

Wight: 10 pounds 2 oz- 21th percentile
Height: 23 inches- 57th percentile
Head Circumference: 37 cm-3rd percentile (inaccurate) 

Her head is actually bigger but the nurse who measured her did it differently than the previous nurses. Last month, she was in the 98% range for her head and this month, she is in the 3%. ha! Her head is neither big nor small. It fits her little body so we are not concerned about it at all. And neither is the doctor. 

It was so sad to see Ava get her shots. Actually, I didn't see her. Bryce was with her. I had to stand away from her because I am horrible with shots. I probably would have passed out! But right after she got her shots, she cried and cried. I have never heard her cry like that. It was the saddest thing in the world. I just held her and cuddled her and that's all she wanted. Poor baby girl!!

This picture is from my iphone so the quality isn't that great.

Today, Ava and I went to a cookie decorating party at one of my good friends house. There were about 5 moms there with their kids. It was so fun! Of course Ava wasn't big enough to decorate cookies but we watched from a distance! It was nice to visit with the ladies there! 

This sweet girl slept through most of it. 

 Harrison and Addeline making cookies. I just love Harri's hair! 

 All the kids decorating the cookies.

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