Monday, December 12, 2011

Just another day...

Today was just a normal day for us. Today is Bryce's Saturday so he got to spend the day with Ava and I. Ava was up at around 9:30am and after I fed her, Bryce and I got ready to go to Ramstein to run some errands. We checked the mail, went to the thrift shop,  went to Starbucks to get coffee, then we went to the BX.

I found Ava some plain onesies to monogram. After the BX, we came home and I fixed Chicken Pesto Pasta. I got the recipe off of Pinterest. We weren't disappointed! It was pretty delicious!!

Source: via Elizabeth from Pinterest

I need to get this onesie monogrammed!! 

After dinner, I cleaned up while Ava sat in her daddy's lap while he played some video games. Overall, it was a great day! I love days like this where all I do is spend time with my little family.

Just look at these precious thigh-high socks!! Precious! I love 'em!! 

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