Monday, December 19, 2011

Strasbourg Christmas Market

We went to the Strasbourg Christmas Market in France on Saturday. It was beautiful! There were a ton of people there so it was a little crazy. It was pretty cold so I carried Ava in the baby carrier and she stayed nice and warm under my coat. 

Isn't this just beautiful?

On our way to the Christmas Market. Everything was covered in lights!

Christmas Carolers 

Beautiful Christmas Tree

I loved the chandeliers! So pretty! 
 The Market surrounded this beautiful church.

This is how they make a hot wine drink. Its kind of like Gluh Wein. (hot wine). Underneath these cups is a big pitcher. The lady put a bunch of sugar cubes in the medal tray and then poured wine on top of it and lit it on fire so the sugar would melt down into the pitcher. It was pretty neat to watch! You can see the blue flame from the fire. 

Gingerbread Man! 

We thought this tree looked really pretty!

My two sweeties in front of the Christmas tree. Bryce joked about Ava looking like a boy! ha! This will be one of the ONLY pictures I have of her without a bow. Sorry sweet girl, I will try not to do it again!! 

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