Friday, December 23, 2011


Life has been pretty busy around here lately with Christmas parties, shopping, Christmas Markets, and more shopping. Ava is growing by the day and it makes me sad. She has been doing some pretty exciting things like rolling her tongue when she talks to us and stands and "walks" to me with support, big girl! She is a very smart little girl.

She has quite the squeal.  If she is upset, she will be sure to let us know. She is a little diva, I tell ya! She has really started "talking" a lot lately. She is in love with her play mat and will kick her legs, smile and talk to it the whole time we lay her on it. Its the cutest thing.

Bryce and I booked our tickets to go home to TEXAS on January 16th!! Only 24 days left!! I can hardly contain myself! I am so excited. I can't wait for our families to meet Ava Drew. We will be home for one month. We will spend half the time in Amarillo at Bryce's families house and the other half at my families house in Sherman. We may go to Tyler for a few days to show Ava off to some of our family that lives down there. My SIL had a baby boy 13 days after Ava was born and they live in Tyler so it will be fun for baby Luke and Ava to meet. 

Sweet girl. 

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