Monday, July 16, 2012

4th of July!!

Bryce had to work on the 4th so Ava and I went with Monica and her children to the Ramstein 4th of July Bash. There were bounce houses, farris wheel, lots and lots of food, and go carts. It was SO much fun! We didn't ride any rides..we were just there for the fellowship and food!!!

Sweet Charleston...

There was a fireworks show that night and Bryce got off at 10pm so he was able to make it in time for the show. It doesn't get dark around here until around 10:30 and even then it isn't completely dark. I think this picture was taken at around 11pm. Ava did really well for the fireworks. It was WAY past her bedtime so she got a little cranky and snugly but ended up falling asleep on me after the show was over. 

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