Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ava is 9 months old!!

Ava, you are 9 months old today! 

You wear a size 6, 6-9, and 9 month clothing. You wear a size 2 diaper and a size 1 shoe. You weigh around 15 pounds!

You nurse 4-5 times a day and baby food at every meal... your schedule looks something like this...

8am- Nurse and eat oatmeal with bananas.
Morning nap around 9:30am
Wake and nurse at 11am
Vegetable around 12pm
Nurse and nap around 2pm
Wake around 3pm or on a good day, 4pm.
Snack (Cracker, cubed fruit, or organic baby puffs)
Nurse at 5pm and eat either chicken/rice or chicken/apple/sweet potato blend, another vegetable and fruit.
Bath and bed time routine around 7pm
Nurse and in bed by 8pm

I started making some of your baby food this month and you seem to love everything that I have made. I refuse to feed you the meats in the baby jar so everything that I make is made with a meat. I have only made chicken but plan to introduce you to turkey in the near future.

You love drinking from a sippy cup!

You are crawling and crawling FAST! You are in one room and the next second, you are in another. I can't keep up with you! You are busy, busy, busy! If I pick you up, you are constantly trying to find something to play with (hair, necklace, phone).

I think you are going to be an early walker. When I go to set you down, you stand on your feet like you want to walk. You are really good at walking with support but are too scared to stand on your own. You are pulling up on EVERYTHING and love to stand in front of the mirror and smile and kiss the mirror. Cutest. Thing. EVER!

You say Mama, Dada, HI (in a Texas accent-I think you get that from your Momma), and sometimes you will say Bye-Bye but you don't know what it really means. We try to get you to say "bye" and you just say "HI".

You wave your hand when you say "hi" and you can clap.

Still no teeth.

You LOVE to be outside and around other people. You get really cranky if you are in the house too long.

You have become very attached to your momma the past couple of weeks. You refuse to go to sleep, whether its at night or nap, without being rocked. I try every time to just lay you in your crib. Sometimes you will sit up and talk, talk, talk and other times you will cry until I come get you to rock you. I don't mind rocking you...its one of the only times you will let me snuggle you!

You got sick for the first time TODAY! You threw up ALL over the bathroom. I mean ALL over! Walls, counter, rugs...everywhere! I hope it isn't the virus that has been going around lately. I am hoping that maybe you just ate a little too much. Only time will tell.

"You lookin' at me?" 

We love you SO much baby girl and I love you more than you will EVER know!!! 

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