Thursday, July 26, 2012

London 2012: Part 2

Our second day in London started off pretty late. Nothing in London opens till 10am or later. Our first stop was Buckingham Palace. Everyday at 11am, they do changing of the guards. Changing of the guards is a ceremony where the guards switch shifts. There is a band that comes to play and the guards do a small rendition.

This is where William and Kate had their first kiss!

The band.

We ended up leaving before it was over because it was really boring and we didn't have a good view. Ava was also really starting to lose it. I don't think she liked being in the middle of a bunch of people because as soon as we left, she got happy.

We ate our sandwiches and went to The Queen's Gallery. It was a display of Leonardo Da Vinci's anatomy sketches. We didn't spend much time there because it was really boring, too!

We then headed next door to the Horses Stables Museum. The museum carried all of the carriages that the royal family uses for coronations, weddings, funerals, and important events. That was really neat to see.

This is the carriage that the Queen rode in for her coronation. Beautiful!!!

We stopped by the gift shop on our way out and Bryce kept saying how much he thinks I look like Kate Middleton. I never believed him until he made me take a picture... what do you think? I could use whiter teeth, more makeup and a clear face and I would be more convinced! ha!

We then jumped on a train and went to see Big Ben (the big clock). It was way bigger than I expected. It started raining so we headed next door to Westminster Abbey. That is the church where William and Kate got married...and many other royal members. We sat under an arch right outside the church for about an hour. When the weather started to clear up, it was time to go inside the church for a 45 minutes simple church service. It was SO neat to see the church inside. Over a year ago I was watching all these celebrities and royalty in the same church and here I am a year later in the SAME CHURCH! It was unreal.

Had to get a picture with the guard!

Y'all probably think I'm crazy!!! A little obsessed with the royal family? maybe.

After the church service, we got dinner at a pizza place and then we headed back to our hotel for a good nights rest.

London 2012: Part 3 coming soon!


Antoinette said...

I can't believe how much you look like Kate! Amazing

Bethany R said...

you do look like Kate so much!!! love reading your blog :)