Sunday, July 1, 2012

Busy, Busy...

We have been really busy around here lately. My birthday was last golden birthday! I have been waiting for this birthday my whole that just me?

I helped with a baby shower last Saturday and then my good friend, Monica, offered to watch Ava for us so Bryce and I could go out. We just went to dinner at Grumbeer and got ice cream. Grumbeer was a new experience for us. We had a gift card so we thought we would try it out. Not my favorite but it was good. The ice cream was always.

The next day, Sunday, I hosted another baby shower at my house. I was so nervous because I have never thrown a party before but it ended up being a lot of fun.

On Thursday, I decided that I needed a morning out. Bryce watched Ava for me and I went to tan and got me an iced tea from the best Chinese restaurant! It wasn't much of a morning out but it was just enough time to get my sanity back! ha.

Bryce had a golf tournament on Friday so Ava and I went when they got done for lunch and a raffle. We ended up coming home with a $50 gift card to the commissary, $150 gift card to the golf shop, a soccer ball, an inside practice golf mat, and a huge box of capri suns and a few other small things. The Commander was very generous and so nice to us. He just gave us some of the prizes because he liked Bryce and also because Bryce was the youngest one there (which means we make the least amount of money in the group..ha!!).

Saturday, we went to Cora which is like a Wal-Mart...French style. It is in France so we had to drive about 30 minutes to get there...not bad! We needed wanted to get some more Speculoos. If you have never heard of Speculoos, you are definitely missing out. It is best compared to Nutella but MUCH better! Speculoos is made of cookies! Don't quote me but I think it is available to buy at Market Street in the states. Speculoos is translated to Biscoff in the states. It is really good with bananas and bread and it actually isn't that bad for you.

After Cora, we went with the McMinimy's (good friends of ours) to the Barefoot Path. I could have killed myself for not taking my camera! It was the neatest thing! We walked around a 3.5 kilometer loop that offered various senses for feet. First, we walked through mud that came right below our knees. Throughout the hike, we walked on rocks, grass, mulch and much more. There were also balance beams, ladders, and wooden rollers along the path. Half way through the hike, there was a little river that we got to swim in. Ava was NOT a fan. Too cold for that little girl. We had a blast, though!

I took this pictures of my two loves the other day before we went to run some errands. Ava is saying "HI".

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Suze said...

Oh my goodness where did you get that green polka dot dress!? :) adorable!