Thursday, June 24, 2010

Good day!

So...yesterday was my 21st birthday and I got wasted!!!! HAHA! Im totally kidding!!! Bryce, me, and the Mimms went to Macaroni Grill and then went to get ice cream. Getting ice cream is a weekly routine. We go almost every weekend to the most amazing ice cream place!! I will have to take a pic of my ice cream the next time I go and I will post it because it is unreal!! They serve the ice cream in a tall, shaped glass and they cut tons of different fruit in cool shapes. And its delicious!! Bryce got me Chanel Chance perfume, victorias secret lotion, a $50 gift card to the SPA!!! I have never been to the spa!!! And he also got me some candy!! I cant wait to go to the spa!! Today, I just cleaned ALL DAY and did some laundry! I managed to vaccuum and mop my entire apartment! It took quite awhile because my entire apartment is tile and hard wood flooring. And guess what...I COOKED tonight!!! Imagine that!! And it was also good!! I made chicken with corn and broccoli (for bryce). I hate broccoli!! Gah, it was so delicious!! Bryce even thought it was delicious!! Welp, thats it for now!!

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