Thursday, June 10, 2010

Starting to feel like home...

After going a week without internet, we finally got it!!! We also got cable and a phone!! We bought a Panasonic 42 inch tv yesterday too!! We are super excited about it! Things are finally starting to all come together. I just wish our shipment would get here with all of our stuff. It should be here July 9th. Bryce and I have become friends with some couples here. They have helped us out alot with getting us where we need to go since we didnt have a car...oh yeah... WE GOT OUR CAR YESTERDAY!!!! woo hoo!!!! Its a Hyundai Senata and I LOVE IT!!!! It drives sooo good and its so nice to be able to go where we want and when we want!

As far as the military goes, Bryce is thinking about doing headcourters which means he will be working 4 days and off 2. If he chooses to do headcourters, he is guaranteed that he wont deploy for a year. If he doesnt do headcourters, he will be working a 3,2,2,3 schedule which means he works 3 days, off 2, works 2, then off 3 and he would be working 14 hour shifts. It also means that he will most likely be deployed in January. So it all depends on if he wants to deploy now or later. He is leaning more towards the headcourters job.

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