Monday, June 14, 2010

New Hair Cut

Well, I got a hair cut...finally!! I was so tired of my long hair so I cut about 4 or 5 inches off of it. I absolutely love it too!! It is so much easier to fix now! I was really nervous to get it cut by someone I had never been to before. I went to the BX (mall) to get it cut and turns out...everyone working was German. Good thing they spoke english!! The lady that cut my hair was awesome!! Her name was Fatima!! I was really impressed by her work!

Yesterday, my computer was going crazy so I couldnt blog! My computer would turn on but the screen was completely black!! I dont know what in the world was wrong with it!! But for some reason, today it worked!!

Also, yesterday, I cooked!!!!! I made tator tot casserole which I have never had but it is Bryce's favorite! And guess was actually good!! And Bryce thought it was good too!! I also made a cheesecake! It was a success!

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Terry said...

I knew you would be a great cook, you always wanted to cook when you were little, but you couldnt read the recipes yet. Your hair looks great, it's still long, but managable.
Love Ya'll