Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Since the wedding...

So...since everyone wants to know about Germany, I decided to start a blog to keep everyone updated. Germany has been a big transition and its been hard to get used to. I miss my family and all my friends. I also miss the summer weather!! Its about 60-70 degrees everyday which isnt bad but it gets cold at night. I want to go to the lake and wear shorts and wear sunglasses!! I miss being hot!! I also miss being tan!!! But I sacrifice all of these things for my wonderful husband!! We are here for a purpose and I know that God will do good things here!! I am making the best of this experience and I cant wait to see whats ahead of us! The food is wonderful!!! Mostly everything here is Italian and its amazing!!! The scenery is beautiful as well!!

A couple of days ago, Bryce and I took our drivers license test and we both passed!! I actually failed the first time but I passed the second time!! Everyone warned us that the test would be super hard!! About 5 people out of the 25 that took the test passed! The driving here is a little different than American driving. The really weird thing is that if a road is unmarked (meaning if it doesnt say its a priority road), you have to yeild to the right. Even if its on a main road. Thats gunna take some getting used to!

We finally bought a car!!! Its a blue Hyundai Senata!! I absolutely love it!! We got a great deal on it compared to the car prices here! There are junky cars that are around $5000-$8000 or brand new cars for $20000 so we found something inbetween those which is super hard to find because they tend to go really fast here!! The car is at the dealer right now getting detailed so we wont get it till probably next Wednesday or Thursday. Until then, we have a rental car but it has to be turned in on Friday. We rented the car for 2 weeks and it was $500 so we dont want to spend another $250 to have it for another week. We will hopefully just be able to catch rides with people or take a taxi.

We move into our house on FRIDAY!!! I am super excited!!! We will have temporary furniture until our shipment comes in...which we dont know when that will be. Probably July. The house is actually like an apartment. We will be on the 2nd floor and the apartment is over 1000 square feet!! Its really big for just the two of us!! There are 2 bedrooms and 1 bath (which means visitors are ALWAYS welcome!!). :)

Thats it for now!! Im new at the whole blogging thing so I will hopefully try to remember to keep everyone posted!! Thanks for reading!!!


JOHN said...

thanks for the update. It sounds like you have everything under control and are really enjoying yourself. I envy you but I really miss you more. Have fun, I love you, Dad

ANN said...