Thursday, September 9, 2010

Military! Ugh!

I absolutely hate the military. I dont hate many things but the military is definitely one of them!!


Well, many reasons! Yesterday, Bryce had a meeting and he was walking in the door 5 minutes EARLY and his supervisor called him 3 TIMES!! Just to ask why he was late! And he wasnt even late!!!! And this morning, I took Bryce to work at 4am. He got there 20 minutes early and as we were coming in the gate, his supervisor called him AGAIN to ask where he was!!! Like he was late or something. Turns out, they were supposed to be there a little early and no one let Bryce know. This has happened numerous times!!!

Bryce works a 3,2,2,3 schedule. It means that he works 3 days, off 2, work 2, off 3. So he pretty much has every other weekend off (Fri, Sat, Sun). This weekend is supposed to be his weekend off. Well, they are changing up the schedule so turns out, Bryce has to work. Meaning he will be working 3 weekends in a row. Which means I have to go to church by myself, 3 sundays in a row!! I hate going to church by myself! When he works this weekend, he will have worked 7 days out of 9 (14 hour shifts)- not including the time he goes in on his days off.

Every last day on his days off, he has to go in at 2pm to study for a test he has already taken. Stupid, I know! When I say every last day on his days off, I mean if he is off for 3 days, he has to go in on his 3rd day to study. About 4 days a week, he has PT (personal training) after work for about an hour. So instead of him getting home at 6:30, its at about 7:30.

Im sure there are many more reasons but you get the idea why I hate the military. I never get to see my husband!! Most of the people in the military curse every-other word they say! It is so hard to find christian friends to help lift us up in our faith!!

"Its easier to tear someone down than it is to lift someone up"

With everything that I have said, I have tried to think of maybe some GOOD things that I like about the military....

I like the benefits! I like walking into the dentist and being able to walk out without paying a dime. If we were planning on having kids while we were here in Germany, it would be ordeal!! No hospital bills!! And everyone here can get on WIC which means you get a ton of groceries for FREE!!! (milk, cheese, baby food, fruit etc.)

Too bad thats not the plan!!

I think that is the ONLY thing I like about the military.

Thanks for listening to be vent! I just had to get that off of my chest!!

I am crazy homesick right now! I miss walmart, target, tj maxx, hobby lobby, chipotle, jasons deli, SHOPPING and much more! I dont know how people do this being away from everyone they know!! And they actually enjoy it!!! Most of the people here like being away from friends and family!! I dont get it at all. I just cant wait to be home.

Thats all for now...

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Lynette said...

Hang in there. I am a former Air Force wife who ended up joining myself. (I am out now) I hated the military life too but now looking back I have so many sweet memories with my husband from the time he was enlisted! I know it is tough, especially going to church and everything by yourself.