Friday, September 17, 2010

Show us your life Fridays!

Living Room Edition...I am a follower of Kelly's Korner and she came up with the idea for bloggers to post about the topic each Friday. Its a way to show everyone your life and a great way to get home ideas from other bloggers. Each week will be different. Next week is the Master Bedroom. This is an old picture but it still looks the exact same. I am trying to find a large mirror to put above the couch because I dont like the pic thats there now. I also want to try to find new furniture but I cant do that until we sell our furniture. I think it just looks weird with the wall color. I know, Im weird!


Leisha said...

I love your living room! It looks very homey and inviting. :) I think the couches look great. Well done Liz!

Tara G. said...

You've done a great job with base housing! We had orders to Stuttgart and they were changed 3 days prior to packing- we're back in Ukraine for our second tour (USAF, too). How wonderful for you to have an overseas experience at the beginning of your marriage- so many blessings will come out of that for you and your husband during your time in the military!