Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wine Festival!

A guy that Bryce works with and his (German) wife asked us to go to the worlds largest wine festival with them. We were just expecting there to be lots of wine and food etc. We gladly accepted to go (although we arent wine drinkers). When we got there, it was totally not what we expected!! It was actually like a really big fair! There was a TON of food!! And lots of games and rides. We had a ton of fun!! We got there at around 5pm and we chowed down on everything! Bryce and I split everything that we got so we could try alot more stuff. All of the food was absolutely amazing! It doesnt even compare to the best American food! After we ate some, we rode a HUGE swing! I got some really good pics too that you can see below.

We left at around 10:30pm because after that, it gets CRAZY! Its open all night and since its a wine festival, ALOT of people are stupid and get really drunk and go crazy! We didnt want to be around that so we called it a day. Bryce wanted to go back today but its like 30 minutes away and we were too tired. He wanted to go back because we didnt get the chance to try all of the cool food! Here are some pictures from the fair...
This is a two story go-cart ride!My sweetie!!Im not sure the name of this but its beef with onions with a garlic sauce on amazing bread!! YUM!!Winery!This picture was taken from the big swing!Here is a pic of the big swing!This is amazing salty bread that came with hot vanilla dipping sauce. OMG! Has to be the best thing I have ever put in my mouth!! The amazing corn stand!This is a huge skillet that the Germans use. It spins and it burns off of wood and coals. These were all over the place and can be worn as a necklace. It is a Gingerbread cookie and most people give them as gifts.

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Wow! The food looks amazing. I love festival season.