Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lazy Day

Today has been sort of a lazy day. We slept in WAYYYY too late. I mean, WAY too late. I wont even say how late...

Bryce had a dentist appointment this morning at 7am to get a filling and then he came home and went back to sleep. Poor baby!

At 11am, the pest control came to spray for spiders. Lately, we have found some BIG spiders in our bathroom and bedroom. They actually didnt spray because they said the spiders werent poisonous and that they only come in during the summer and since summer is almost over here, we shouldnt have a problem seeing them again.

So after the pest control left, we went back to bed... : ) Ok ok, we didnt get to bed till like 1 am last night so we have an excuse...right?

When we finally got up, Bryce made some REALLLY good biscuits and gravy!!! Then we got ready and went to the BX so Bryce could by the new Madden 11 (video game). We hung out there for awhile and I bought some candy corn and Bryce also got a lunch box for work. After that, we went to the commisary in hopes of stocking up on food for the next 2 we wont have to go almost everyday for little items. Well, it was super packed..probably because yesterday was pay day. We decided to pass and go tomorrow.

So instead of the commisary, we went to eat at Chili's. The food was super good!! Here, you never know what the food is going to be like. One day it will seem like you are seriously eating food that has been sitting out for 3 days and them somedays, its fresh and hot!! Today, it was fresh and hot!

Now we are home and Bryce has been playing Madden 11. A friend of Bryces just came over so Bryce can cut his hair. Thats it for now!! Hope your having a fabulous day!!! Feel free to leave a comment!! ;)

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