Friday, September 3, 2010

New Friends!!

So, last night, Bryce and I went to some friends house to eat dinner. They are the Turners. They are they sweetest people I know! I think Susie is my new best friend! She fixed us spaghetti, salad, bread, and banana pudding. YUM! So good!! It was sad that we had to leave early because Bryce had to get home and study for his big test that he had today. Susie and her husband are PCS'ing in November. :( Its too bad because we are becoming really good friends. Susie is originally from Shreveport, LA which is close to Tyler so when I come home next semester (fingers crossed), we are going to meet up and have lunch or something! That will be fun! It is so nice to finally meet a good christian couple that helps lift us up in our faith!!

Today, Bryce took his BIG test! Its a test over his job and if he had'nt have made a 90 or above, he had to have a meeting with the Big Guy! I was so scared for him this morning! I prayed so hard for him!! Thankfully, he texted me this morning and said his scores were 96,96,92 and a 100 (There were multiple tests). I am sooo very proud of him!! I knew he would do good!!

Now I've got to think about whats for dinner..hmmm

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Anonymous said...

hey Liz! thanks for updating your blog! i love reading it!! tell Bryce congrats...hope your mouth is feeling better. you are a real trooper!! love ya, kathy&phil