Saturday, October 16, 2010


Yesterday, Bryce and I went out to eat with the Mimms and their friend Amanda and her son Coen. It was alot of fun! We haven't gotten to hang out with the Mimms in a while and Kristie is about to have a baby soon so it was our last chance to hang out before she has her baby, Bella!

She is due in Novemeber but at her last appointment, the doctor said Bella is already 7Ib+. I don't think she will make it to November! We went to an Italian restaurant in Landstuhl. They have amazing pasta!!

After we ate, we went to get ice cream at our favorite ice cream shop!

Here is a video of Coen eating a lemon at the restaurant. I guess he liked it since he kept eating it. It is sooo funny!! You have to watch it!!!! I couldn't hold the camera still because I was laughing so hard! Sorry!

Today, I cleaned house all day since Bryce worked. When he got home, we went to Globus. It is a HUGE store!! Its like a walmart and sams and target all put together, German style! They have a restaurant in there along with a few small stores. Our plan was to just eat at the restaurant but that didnt happen... We always find stuff there that looks good so we HAVE to try it!

We got some bread, you can NEVER go wrong with German bread!! Its amazing! I'm not even a big bread eater but oh my, once I had German bread, I fell in love!

We also got some candy. We can never leave Globus without finding some candy that looks good. How can you not? There are 2 aisles full of just candy!!

We also got some pastries. Bryce got a strawberry cake roll thingy. I got a huge cream puff!! It is delicious!!! Here is a pic so you can see how delicious it looks.

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