Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ava’s first day of church

Today, we took Ava to church for the first time. We both strongly believe in raising our children in church so why not start taking them as soon as we can? I’m one of those girls that doesn’t like being locked up in the house all day. I like to get out and about! I know some people like to stay inside when they first have a baby but not me!

I think Ava looked pretty cute today.  I really wanted to dress her up in a cute dress but unfortunately, she doesn’t have a cute newborn dress. How could I have forgotten to get her some newborn dresses? Everyone told me to just get onesies for when they are newborns because that is all they wear. Well not Ava. She is a diva! She likes to dress cute everyday with a big bow! Ok ok…maybe its just her momma that likes to dress her up everyday!!

Here is an attempt to take a family picture. Not the best picture but it will do for now.


I think Ava enjoyed her first day of church. Of course we were running a little late (why do we always seem to run late on Sundays?) but we made it in time to get a seat before they were all full. Ava is quite the attention getter! People we didn’t even know came up to her to see her. We are very proud!!

Ava was awake for the singing part of the service but decided to take a snooze when the speaker came up.

Goals: Teach Ava the importance of Sunday afternoon naps! (She’s doing pretty good so far!)


Leisha said...

LIZ! You look AMAZING!!!! Are those your pre-pregnant jeans???
Maybe you should do a post on how post partum has been for you.
Oh and Ava? Adorable! Glad she loved church this morning! :)

Emily said...

Great family picture and you do look AMAZING!!! I am totally jealous and I admit it! :)