Tuesday, October 18, 2011

One week old!

Ava is one week old today! Man, how time flies when your having fun!


I have never been so happy in my whole life! A friend of mine asked me the other day what my favorite part was… I honestly couldn’t think of a single thing because I seriously love EVERY part about being a mom! It is the greatest thing in the entire world!! I love getting up with Ava every 2 hours in the middle of the night! I love just looking at her and wondering what is going through that little brain of hers! I love all the little faces she makes and the cute smiles she gives in her sleep.



When Ava Drew sleeps, she has to have her hands up by her face. I knew she would be this way before she was even born because every ultrasound that I had, she was always sucking on her thumb or she had her hands close to her mouth.


She loves her carseat. When we go out, she sleeps the whole time she is in it. Bryce and I went to the BX twice since she has been born and she sleeps the entire time.


Ava is a sleeper. And a hard sleeper at that! I have to wake her up for almost every feeding. It is nearly impossible to wake her up. Even if she has been sleeping for 3 hours straight. The only way to really wake her up is to change her diaper and once I’m done changing her, she goes right back to sleep. I have even tried stripping her down and that doesn’t even work! I guess that’s a good thing?

004 (2)

Ava loves it when we rub on her face. I wiped down her face the other day with a warm wet cloth and I thought she would start crying but to our surprise, she really enjoyed it! ha!! She is so funny.


I think I said this in my last post but Ava can already hold her head up. The day she was born, she raised her head up and looked at me and then gently put her head back down on my chest. Crazy girl!


Ava has been such a joy. Bryce and I were sitting down eating dinner last night while Ava was sleeping and we were talking about how we don’t remember what life was like without her. It didn’t seem right to be with my husband all alone with no Ava. It seems like she has been in our family forever. And its only been one week!


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