Monday, October 31, 2011


Bryce and I took my mom and aunt to Heidelberg yesterday. We viewed the Heidelberg Castle which is one of the finest Gothic-Renaissance castles in Germany. Heidelberg is known as the “Romantic City” and it is also a University town. The majority of the residence in Heidelberg are students. The Heidelberg Castle dates back to the 1500s and was expanded as rival rulers competed for control of the Rhineland. In 1689, The French burned the town and the castle and since then, it has never regained its original glory.

Heidelberg is only an hour from where we live and it is definitely a place we will visit again.


When we got to Heidelberg, we ate lunch (we took a sack lunch) and then hit up the castle! It was absolutely beautiful. We spent most of the day at the castle. It was huge and we didn’t even get to everything! Afterwards, we went downtown to find something to eat. We took my mom and aunt to a Doner Kabob restaurant to eat Doners. Yum! It was delicious! Of course we had to try out the Italian ice cream afterwards! Even more delicious!!


My pictures don’t do it justice! This city was absolutely beautiful!






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Alyssa said...

I'm a friend of Leisha's- I think we may have met at her wedding. Love your blog and reading about your adventures in Germany! Your baby girl is precious! :)