Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Go Rangers!!

Ava is supporting the Rangers today in her onesie… it is way too big for her right now but I had to put her in it since the Rangers are in the World Series right now. Game 6 is tonight but since we are in Germany and 7 hours ahead, the game won’t be on till 3am here. Depending on when Ava gets up in the night to eat, I may or may not be up at 3am to watch the game. If I do miss it, I can watch the re-run tomorrow afternoon.


Doesn’t she look super cute? I think so!

Today is Bryce’s day off so we ran some errands on Ramstein to get ready for my mom and aunts arrival tomorrow! They will be here for 2 weeks and we are thrilled! We pick them up at the airport tomorrow morning!!



Emily said...

She is just a doll! That is so exciting about your family coming too, yay!! :) I have a friend who I basically grew up with that just moved to Germany with her family (her hubs is ni the Air Force too...think you guys are at the same place?) Here is her blog if you want to check it out!

Leisha said...

Sooo cute!! Love this :)
And I know you are SO excited about your mom coming! I would absolutely be!!